Veregaria – Berengaria Hotel 3D Model

Veregaria Hotel or Berengaria Hotel is an abandoned Hotel located in Prodromos Village of Cyprus and it is well known for being the best winter resort of Cyprus during the 20th Century.

It took its name from Queen Berengaria who was the wife of King Richard Lionheart and it was build and opened by Mr. Kokkalos in 1931.

The Hotel is also known as “The Hotel of The Kings” because it used to be famous for attracting famous guests which some of them were Pharouk, The King of Egypt, and the president of Israel, Ezer Vaisman. It also used to be the most popular hotel because of its distinctive architecture and location. It is located on the top of Troodos Mountain and it has a spectacular view. Read More…

Veregaria Hotel



3D Model of the area